On Gratitude

My son is six, and has the teensiest penchant for the dramatic (no idea where he got THAT from!) He and I are alike in so many ways, and because of this, he is very adept at making me feel guilty. As in, the kid has got my number.

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On Prayer

(Prayer square and blanket made by the NDPC Knit Wits)

It’s pretty much impossible to say anything definitive about living through this time of global pandemic. It’s all such a moving target.  On Good Friday–nearly three weeks ago–I wrote a post that I didn’t end up publishing.

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Gimme Shelter

I hadn’t intended to name this blog. But I think “gimme shelter” works–at least during this time when the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, refuses to order a “shelter in place” for residents, despite the fact that the cases of COVID-19 are growing at a truly alarming rate in the peach state.

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