Non-fiction essays exploring diverse topics from feminism, to faith, to food.

The Stories Only Women Are Told

Lived experience trumps ideological certainty.

On how many false starts I made before finally figuring out how to write We Are All Good People Here…

I re-read this essay every time I'm tempted to throw in the towel with my latest book. Reminder: novels are ALWAYS a series of rewrites.
Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Joshilyn Jackson and I discuss weaving faith into fiction

Joshilyn and I talk about the three Fs: Faith, Forgiveness, and Funky Town.
LA Review of Books

“Chasing the Goose”

I "glamp," sing old Baptist hymns with queer kids (while sloshing around pints), and am inspired by the Mama Bears.
The Bitter Southerner