when the moon hits your eye…(part 2)

The pizza was damn good.  The dough was elastic but stable and cooked up nice and crisp.  I don’t have a pizza stone so instead I baked the pizza on parchment paper on top of a cookie tray on the lowest rack of the oven at 500 degrees.  I added the cheese (grated mozzarella and fresh mozzarella) halfway thru, around minute 6, and added fresh basil at the very end. See below for photographic proof.

And while I’m tooting my culinary horn, might as well show off these other pics of yummy foods made.  After the pizza comes “That Chocolate Cake” from the Scharffen Berger cookbook.  This is what I’m bringing to dinner at our chef friend’s house tomorrow night. Chef as in for real, not for hobby. (So the pressure is on for me, who–foolishly?–volunteered to bring dessert.)  But really, how can you beat a chocolate layer cake? Next pic up is a a beef stew I made over Christmas, and finally, veal osso bucco that Alan made last week.

Wait.  I’m from the south.  We don’t make food, we “fix” it.  As in, I’m fixing osso bucco…

.  srw_77



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