V Day, 2009

It’s Valentine’s day, and Alan and I just returned from a Dames Aflame burlesque show at Paris on Ponce.  I saw lots of pasties and lots of skinny, toned bodies. Meanwhile I drank beer and ate the valentine’s candy corn that was given to all of the guests.  (Don’t think I’ll be a dame any time soon.)

I love the wink, wink element of burlesque.  It’s all so retro and kitschy–and yet there’s this whole female empowerment that goes along with it too, as in, “We are the center of attention and we are totally in control here.”  Plus the fact that the audience was made up mostly of gay men subverted the whole male “gaze” thing that we used to read about in feminist theory class.

Feminist theory class! God, that was a long time ago…not that I don’t consider myself a feminist.  I’m just a femmy feminist.  And I’m not that big into theory.  Or rather, I’m more interested in people’s specific, individual experiences.

Here are two of the dames:


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