Restaurant Eugene thing is one week away.

In anticipation for the dinner at Eugene’s I’m doing next Tuesday, I’m thinking about the traditions behind indigenous southern cooking. Now I have a feeling we will be eating fairly high on the hog at the Eugene’s dinner, but am wondering if any of y’all have ever eaten the following “real country” foods:

  • squirrel:
  • rabbit:
  • venison:
  • quail:
  • raccoon:
  • possum:

I’ve only eaten three of them: rabbit, venison and quail. There was a study that came out a few years ago that said that raccoon is actually a lean and healthful meat. Who knew? I wish that squirrel tasted delicious, because I have a major vendetta against the little things after they ate half of the bounty of my summer garden…

Maybe if you brine the squirrel for a good long time and then braise it? Any recipes?


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