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Picture or a thousand words? | Susan Rebecca White

Picture or a thousand words?

My book tour is wrapping up and I’ve taken a lot of digi shots.  Thought I’d post some of them and use them to tell the story of what I’ve been up to lately…

Here goes:


The cute boy in the pic is my old friend Ami, currently a Phd student in psychology at Stanford.  So yes, he’s beautiful and smart. Not to mention about the kindest person I know.  (Cute, smart boys take note.)


This here is my mom’s dear friend from childhood, Suzanne.  She and her husband Ed (which if you’re from the South is pronounced with two syllables) hosted me in Memphis, doing everything from fixing me bbq to chauffering me around the city.  They were beyond generous. Can you tell that Suzanne likes her some bunnies?


This is Zippy, aka Zipporah, our tabby cat.  She’s a beauty, eh?


At Turnrow books in Greenwood, MS, having just informed owner Jamie of my squirrel eradication plans.  Notice the maniacal glint.


The duck master at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, escorting the ducks to the fountain in which they swim.  No joke.


Our newly planted spring garden.  The thing in the terra cotta pot is a struggling lemon tree.  srw_124srw_123

Left side: At Davis-Kidd in Nashville, with Nancy Culver, who grew up in Martin, TN along with my parents.
Right side: Mi esposo Alan Deutschman conversing with a goat (or baby alpaca?) at Navarro Vineyards in Anderson Valley.srw_122

Alan conversing with the chickens, also at Navarro Vineyards.


I seem to be more interested in posing than in conversing with the animals.


Which perhaps explains why at Chrissy Field today I ordered an all-beef hotdog for lunch while Alan opted for the vegetarian chili.

That’s it for now. Happy Easter, y’all.  Practice resurrection.

One Response to Picture or a thousand words?

  1. boothyisawesome April 13, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

    Ami is very cute- may I have him? lol jk (kinda). Also, Zippy looks almost exactly like our cat Maya!