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Oh the Guilt!! | Susan Rebecca White

Oh the Guilt!!

Okay, first an important public service announcment: I’m participating in a panel discussion with Emily Giffin and Joshilyn Jackson this Thursday night, July 16 at the Marcus Jewish Community Center in Atlatna.  Event starts at 7pm, includes wine and snacks, and is FWEE!! One caveat: it’s only for book club members.  So if you are in a book club, or you want to form a book club real quick, do so, and then go here to register.

(And now back to the regularly scheduled blog.)

Yikes! Has it really been eight weeks since I last posted? Oy, the guilt I feel for neglecting you, little blog…

In brief, here’s been what’s up: Went to a crazy writing retreat in Costa Ricafor the month of May.  The good thing about the retreat was I got to further bond with my friend Sheri and meet the fabulous Lauren Cobb, whom I adore (here’s winking at you, Lauren.) The bad thing about the retreat wasLord, how do I even describe it? Let’s just say the director might benefit from some anger management training.  And the rear of my cabin abutted against a dug out space in the earth, and every afternoon there were tremendous thunderstorms, and dirt and debris would tumble down the dug out space and fly through my back window.

Actually, that part was kind of neat.  In a “gee, ain’t nature powerful?” kind of a way.

What else, what else? Mainly I’ve been working like a madwoman on book # 2, which I’m planning to send to my editor August 1.  (Rapid knocking on wood.)  I love this stage of writing.  I’m over two years into this next book, and by now–thank God!–I really know the characters, know their lives.  So now I get to see how they resolve their problems.  Or if not resolve their problems, grow (or shrink) because of them.  It’s a very fertile time.  But one that does not allow for much of anything else in my life.  Besides of course, the GARDEN!

Front yard garden is going strong, lots of summer vegetables, no chemicals allowed.  Veggies I’ve got growing are eggplant, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers.  (Perfect for ratatouille, minus the cukes.)  And just for kicks I planted a whole bunch of sunflowers, which are now taller than me.

What’s driving me crazy about the garden is some little critter is getting into it at night and stealing the eggplants.  And these are big, round, gorgeous purple things.  (The eggplants, not the critters.  At least, I think.)  Makes me so mad I’ve considered buying a BB gun and sitting vigil on my front porch.  But alas, the fact that it’s a front yard garden prevents that.  Wouldn’t want to scare the neighbors.

A friend suggested I draw faces on potatoes and place them in the garden.  That the little “potato people” would scare off the thieving critters.  I don’t know. Sounds like a LOT of effort.  Maybe I’ll just invest in a Mr. Potato Head and put him in there?

All rights, so I’ve got to go write some more, but I’ll leave you with some pics.  Ta ta for now!

This is one of the gorgeous eggplants that got taken by a critter.


Can you make out the budding head on this big ol’ sunflower?

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