Mother of a Mother’s Day contest, Challenge numbero dos!

The entries are flying in for the great brownie giveaway!  If you haven’t yet completed challenge number one and would like to learn all of the contest details, go to yesterday’s blog post to do so.

As far as the results of challenge #1 go, so far plain old “Mom” is the most popular moniker for that lovely lady who bore you.  Some of you, when feeling sassy, call your mom by her first name. But I would never ever do that to Ruth. I mean Mom.

And folks, this contest has only just begun, and already there is a controversy afoot.  It has been posited, by my lovely sister Lauren no less, whose own fabulous contest you should enter right now, that Ruth’s righteous brownies are not actually Ruth’s.  (Take a moment to gasp.)  Lauren says that they are actually HER brownies, since she introduced them to our family after reading the recipe in Diane Mott Davidson’s mystery book, Dying for Chocolate.  (The book includes recipes.)  And then one of Lauren’s friends anonymously posted that actually SHE introduced the recipe to Lauren, so perhaps they should be called Anonymous Friend’s brownies??

People, this is becoming a controversy of Biblical proportions:  When does a recipe life begin? Is it with the person who discovered the recipe, or the person who tweaked the recipe to perfection?  Or should all credit be bestowed upon the godly Diane Mott Davidson, who introduced us to “Scout’s Brownies”–Mom and Lauren’s recipe–in the first place.

Fair readers, my head is swimming. Are we creationists or are we evolutionists?  And if we are creationists, who is the original creator?

Philosophical musings aside, let’s get down to business: the deets of contest number two. Send the answers to the following two questions to me at  All who enter will get a lottery ticket with their name on it, and if I draw your name at the end of the contest, you will get a batch of Ruth’s I mean Lauren’s, I mean…really frickin’ good brownies shipped directly to you.  And remember to write “Mother’s Day Contest challenge two” in the subject heading.

1. Name a favorite family food, i.e. Ruth (or, er, “Lauren’s”) famous brownies, Granma’s deviled eggs, Dad’s fried bologna sandwich.

2. If Lauren introduced this fantastic recipe to our family, but Ruth spent months perfecting the recipe (experimenting with different levels of cocoa content in the chocolate, discovering the “deep freeze” method for extra flavor), whose name should be attached to them?  To put it simply: are these Ruth’s brownies or are they Lauren’s brownies?  Email me who they should be named after, Lauren or Ruth. Whomever gets the most votes, I will hereby call the brownies by her name. (And it is completely allowed for interested parties to try to encourage their friends / fans to vote for a certain someone…hint, hint, Miss Famous Author Sister of mine….)

Though I still say that a brownie by any other name would taste just as sweet…


2 Responses to Mother of a Mother’s Day contest, Challenge numbero dos!

  1. Anonymous April 25, 2009 at 8:00 pm #


    Call them “Myracle-miracle brownies” from Elaine D. in NJ

  2. installer April 26, 2009 at 8:18 pm #

    Yes to the bake off!

    Yes, oh yes oh yes to the bake off! Send me a brownie, stat. I promise I will do a blind testing. I will not, however, eat a shoe. Go on now. Get ye to FedEX!!