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lemon cookies at Sawicki’s | Susan Rebecca White

lemon cookies at Sawicki’s

There is this store in Decatur called Sawicki’s.  It’s subtitle is “Meat, Seafood and more.” It’s fantastic.  All of the meats Sawicki sells are hormone free.  Most roamed on pasture or ranged freely.  Sawicki also sells local eggs (sometimes from her own hens), plus local produce (sometimes from her own garden) and baked goods.

Even though her meats and seafood are wonderful (I forgot to mention the GA mountain trout, yum), my two favorite items to buy there are her iced tea and lemon cookies.  Oh my gawd, I’m salivating thinking about them.  The tea is probably Lipton’s.  It’s brewed then sweetened, but not too much.  Traditional southern sweet tea has something like four cups of sugar per gallon.  I would say that Sawicki uses a cup of sugar per gallon.  It is just the right combo of sweet and thirst-quenching.

And then there are her lemon cookies.  Pale oval disks topped with a lemon sugar glaze that includes little flecks of lemon zest.  Chewy, almost a little doughy, with this wonderful tart crunch (from the glaze.)

Must stop writing. Am drooling on keyboard.


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