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January 31 2009 | Susan Rebecca White

January 31 2009

Just got back from dinner at our friends Lisa and Sarah’s house.  Man, was it a good meal!  Started with appetizers of: marinated zucchini & mushrooms, a steamed artichoke with melted butter, salty bread with some sort of wonderful spread–kind of a sweet pesto–and an aged English cheddar.  I could have polished off the whole appetizer portion for dinner, but I knew there was more to come.  Up next: an arugula salad with goat cheese, grapefruit, and papaya dressed with this amazing vanilla infused vinaigrette.  (Sarah splits a vanilla pod and scrapes out its insides into champagne vinegar, then lets the vanilla infused vinegar hang out for a while before straining.)  The salad was SO very good, with a sweet lingering taste of vanilla.  Up next,  cheese and bechamel lasagna with thin layers of butternut squash alternated with spicy ground turkey.  Nice balance of textures.  Savory, cheesy, delicious.  And finally, strawberries with whipped cream, toffees from a local candy shop, and Belgium chocolates with coffee.

How lucky am I to have such friends in my life?

And I’m not even mentioning the good conversation about books, writing, mortality (I’m writing a book where parents die early, so it’s on my mind), travel and food.  Plus the warm feeling I get from being with two people who are obviously deeply in love and have created a beautiful life for themselves. 

Oh! And I forgot to mention the thyme scented homemade lemonade mixed with vodka.  Wow.  Could change the mind of the most ardent teetotaler.

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