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In Belgium, Biscuit and Egg = Nutella and Pancake! | Susan Rebecca White

In Belgium, Biscuit and Egg = Nutella and Pancake!

One of my favorite parts of A Soft Place to Land is the description of the game that Ruthie and Julia played as girls–and that in real life my sisters and I played as girls–Biscuit and Egg.  It’s a nonsensical game, one of the silly things that sisters come up with to keep themselves amused. Here’s the description from the book: 

“Egg and Biscuit was a game that Julia created, and because she created it, she got to make up all of the rules, the primary one being that Julia was always the Egg, Ruthie was always the Biscuit.  Julia would stand on the far side of the room, looking forlorn, casting her eyes about but never resting them on anyone or anything until they rested on Ruthie, who stood across the room, her back to Julia.
“B-B-Biscuit?” Julia would ask, disbelieving.
Ruthie would turn, would look at Julia, would squint her eyes.  “E-E-Egg?”
“Biscuit?” Julia would ask again, hope creeping into her voice.
“Egg!?” Ruthie would ask.
Finally the two girls would run towards each other, screaming, “Biscuit! Egg! Biscuit! Egg!” They would meet in the middle of the room, Julia lifting Ruthie off the floor and twirling her around in a hug while each of them cried, “Oh, my yummy Egg! Oh, my fluffy Biscuit!”

My editor also really liked this scene, so much so that we considered naming the whole book Biscuit and Egg but were scared people might think it was a cookbook.  I’ve heard from a lot of readers about this scene, and how it reminds them of the games they used to play with their sisters, the games they haven’t thought of in a million years.  And just yesterday I got a wonderful email from Kristien, a woman from Belgium who said that she and her (grown) sister have started calling each affectionate food nicknames since reading the book, just for fun. Only they have started calling each other “Nutella and Pancake!”

So my question to you is: what nicknames did you and your siblings have for each other when growing up? Or you and your best friend? And what were some of the ridiculous, nonsensical, silly games you played? Email me at susanrebeccawhite@yahoo.com.  I’ll send a free signed book to the writer of my favorite response.  And post your nicknames/games on here too, if you’d like!


One Response to In Belgium, Biscuit and Egg = Nutella and Pancake!

  1. Anonymous June 3, 2010 at 8:32 am #

    madame tickle

    This is truly hilarious! As this is “pancake” speaking, kristien’s sister, I can tell you it was not the only game we played. There were others .. such as “Madame Tickle” , a game where I, as the younger sister (aaalways the younger sister) had to lay down on the couch with my eyes closed, waiting for ‘Madame Tickle’ to creep towards me very slowly and very quietly so she could, very unexpected, jump on me and tickle me so hard it almost always gave me a heart attack. It was funny, but very scary :). And every Time Nutella would promise me ‘next time you’ll be Madame Tickle’ … never happened. Sisters …