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I Left my Harp in Sam the Clam’s Disco… | Susan Rebecca White

I Left my Harp in Sam the Clam’s Disco…

is the punchline of a joke about San Francisco, which is where I am right now, having my heart tugged in all kinds of ways.  And yet, tugged as it might be by the amazing food (salted caramel ice cream from BiRite Creamery!), the views, the smart, mellow people, Atlanta still feels like home.  And that’s a big relief, because for the last three years every time I’ve visited this city I’ve felt deeply conflicted about having moved away from it.  This time–moving back doesn’t seem like as much of an option.  Maybe because Kasey moved away.  Maybe because the economy is crap right so selling our house isn’t really an option. Maybe because I’ve gotten used to more space…or maybe I’m simply bound south.

I did a reading at Book Passage in Marin.  It was great–30 people came, all family or old friends or friends of Alan’s, all super supportive.  I act when I read the book, and apparently, I’m an effective actor.  At least of my own material. I wonder if that’s a southern thing–I feel compelled to put on a show. I also always want to pour drinks down the audience’s throat, pass out cupcakes, do the hokey-pokey, anything to insure that they have a good time.

Speaking of good times: I’m on the Birmingham bestseller list. Yep.  This is all thanks to Jake Reiss, propiertor of the fabulous Alabama Booksmith.  I’m going to have to start listening to Skynard.


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