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“Good Weepy” explained, sort of | Susan Rebecca White

“Good Weepy” explained, sort of

I’ve had a couple of people ask why I said that the AJC review of Bound South made me weepy "in a good way."

I think it’s because I felt the reviewer, Gina Webb, made a "soul connection " with the book (not to be confused with "soul train.")  She seemed to really connect with my struggles with the South and self, and she was able to articulate those struggles poetically and succinctly.

And I think that because the book’s cover–which mind you, I love– is fun and shiny, I was a little nervous that it might ONLY be read as a fun and shiny book. But the AJC review (along with other wonderful ones) made me know that the book is being read on multiple levels.

You know when you meet someone, start talking and really hit it off?  And they just seem to get you?  And you feel known and real and excited and alive?

That’s how I felt reading the AJC review.

Good weepy.

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