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Fast Food, Farmers’ Market Style | Susan Rebecca White

Fast Food, Farmers’ Market Style

Here’s what I could do without come the summer season: mosquitoes and flattening heat.  But here’s what I love about June, July and August: the produce.  Corn, tomatoes, blackberries, peaches, watermelon…these are the things I dream about all year around.

This morning I went to the Peachtree Road Farmers’ Market for the first time, in swanky Buckhead. (Not to sound perjorative–I grew up in swanky B’head.) Usually I go to the Morningside Market–in swank but not quite as swanky Morningside–but my friend Frederick told me I had to try Peachtree Road. In addition to the usual suspects of produce–the aforementioned corn, tomatoes, blackberries, peaches, watermelon–Frederick said that Pine Street market (a local charcuterie) had a stand, as well as Holeman & Finch bakery.  So. I made the schlep to the land of my youth.

So many vendors.  So much good stuff.  I got big ol’ field tomatoes from Riverview. I almost bought okra but realized who was I kidding? I wasn’t going to be heating up oil in this hot, hot weather, and if you don’t fry okra, well…you’re missing out.  I got a spicy salami from the good folk at Pine Street market.  (Side note: When I returned home I put the spicy salami on my kitchen counter.  An hour later I was ready to snack from it and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I looked and looked and finally thought to question the dog.  And there, on her bed, was the wrapping from the salami that was no more.)


salami thief.  I think she’s learned to live with the guilt.

Back to the market:  I was planning on just buying the salami but they were sampling their applewood smoked bacon and it was so good I bought a package. Bought a loaf of homemade white bread from the Holeman and Finch bread people, too.  By this point I was thinking about one thing and one thing only: BLT’s.  Or rather, BBT;s (bacon, basil and tomato.)  Actually, BBBT’s (buttered bread, bacon, basil and tomato.) Did I buy anything else at the market? If so, I can’t recall.  I came home and fried up 6 pieces of that bacon, toasted 4 pieces of bread with a little butter (BBBT), pulled some basil from the garden and sliced some tomatoes.  All that was left to do was assemble the suckers, sealing the deal with a little Duke’s mayo.  Alan and I practically ate the things standing up.  They were super, the tomato juice mixing with the mayo, the bacon so salty and smoky, the basil adding a piquant freshness, the homemade white bread way more structural than Wonder.  Way more backbone and bite.

Wowsers trousers was it good.

Supper was even simpler.  All prepped on the big wooden cutting board.  (What would I do without that cutting board and my serrated tomato knife–thank you Ilan Greenberg who gave us the knife for our wedding, cuz what says a lifetime of togetherness like a tomato knife?) But I digress.  Supper was simply a chopped tomato salad with basil cut into strips, a few balls of fresh mozzarella, a piece of white bread toasted and cut into little squares, the whole thing baptized with olive oil, salt and pepper. That was it. See photos below.  I just love how quickly this little summer supper came together, how it’s as good as anything else you can eat, but all it takes to prep is 5 minutes top.


The raw ingredients:

srw_54Prep = a bunch of chopping, plus salt, pepper and olive oil

srw_53Close up of the prepared salad with chopped tomato, fresh mozerella, toasted homemade white bread and basil


Add a beer and Bob’s your uncle.

Okay, about that expression “and Bob’s your uncle…”  Has anyone ever heard that before? My friend Todd Johnson uses it, meaning something like, “and that was that”, but he says I don’t use it correctly even though I’m trying desperately to incorporate it into my vocabulary.

5 Responses to Fast Food, Farmers’ Market Style

  1. Anonymous July 18, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    Oh my . . . yum!

    How scrumpt-dilly-icious! Looks like the tomatoes were all you hoped. I ended up with a loaf of sesame seed semolina bread that has been dwindling on the counter as people walk by and slice up a little bit of heaven. And I also talked myself out of quite a few vegetables, knowing I wasn’t really going to make them. And Bob’s your uncle. – Maggie

  2. installer July 18, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

    Re: Oh my . . . yum!

    I’ve had that sesame seed semolina bread before–super good. And Bob’s your uncle.

  3. Anonymous July 18, 2010 at 8:42 pm #


    Could a British person PLEASE chime in on “Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your aunt?” I need your help with this obstinate, food-obsessed Atlanta author!!!

    • installer July 18, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

      Re: Help!

      who is this anonymous Anglophile chiming in???

  4. Anonymous July 23, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    Bob’s yer uncle…

    has an explanation. (scroll down a wee bit.) Not sure I believe them…
    This one looks more authoritative:

    p.s. I’ll be looking up your books, based on your association with the fabulous Miss Joshilyn!