Dad’s day

My parents are on their way to NYC right now. They’re going up there so they can attend my reading Wednesday night at Book Court in Brooklyn. That’s the kind of parents they are. Sam and I had an early father’s day dinner with them on Wednesday night. They came over to our house before dinner and my dad noticed a stamped and addressed envelope to him, waiting on the table by the front door, ready for me to put in the mail the next day. It contained his father’s day card.

“Can I take it now?” he asked.

“Yeah, but it’s already stamped,” I said.

“I know. But if I take it now I can use the stamp. That can count as your present to me.”

Let me explain: my father will remove the card from the envelope, put an adhesive white label over his name and address–covering it–and use the stamped envelope, now with a blank mailing label on it, to mail something to someone else.

I love this about him.

Here’s a picture of us together. I am the one without hair:



I also have a new father-in-law, Ron Reid. Ronnie loves banana pudding, so I made him this. Can you tell I really like the guy? He and my mother-in-law Barbara are also coming up to NY for my reading. Pretty amazing to feel so connected to this new family of mine as well as to my own parents. I’m lucky. Oh! And adding to the luck, Ms. Bagby, who used to teach at my high school and made up fabulous and specific metaphors for all of her students, now lives in NYC. She is coming to the reading, too, and she is bringing pimento cheese for all! Like, a big ol’ homemade tub of it. I hope the New Yorkers realize what they’re getting.

banana pudding

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  1. Jtw June 17, 2013 at 11:36 am #

    Suzie, you are truly adorable and the source of much pleasure.