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Creative Loafing Best Of 2009 | Susan Rebecca White

Creative Loafing Best Of 2009

Bound South is the 2009  Creative Loafing Reader’s Pick for best book by an Atlanta author! What a nice shot in the arm.  Thanks, creative loafers.

Other news: my editor loves my second book!!!  What a huge, enormous, wonderful, relief.  I mean, I really love the new book–and I really did POUR myself into it, like a big bottle of bubbly on New Year’s, cascading down a tower of champagne glasses–but still. Good to get OFFICIAL VALIDATION.

(And please, don’t judge my writing by the big bottle of bubbly metaphor–please don’t.  I taught all day.  I’m tired.)

On the garden front: Atlanta was hit by a flood, and most of the sprouting seeds in le jardin have washed away.  And now these strange alien mushrooms are growing everywhere. They emerge from this eggshell like base, filled with a clear jelly that smells of rot, and then the mushrooms themselves are bright pink and foam like.  Strangest damn things I’ve ever encountered.  I pulled all of them up and could not get the smell of rot off my hands for hours.  Finally I squeezed lemon juice over my hands and that sort of helped.

Anybody ever hear about these strange, alien shrooms?  (Or perhaps actual aliens have implanted themselves in my sweet little organic vegetable garden?)

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