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Brownie challenge # 6 | Susan Rebecca White

Brownie challenge # 6

Imagine receiving a batch of Ruth’s, Lauren’s, Ruth & Lauren’s (my mother! my sister! my mother! my sister!) amazingly decadent triple chocolate brownies in the mail.  Would that be the best thing you ever received by post?  Or what if you won Lauren’s ducky contest and got an enormous ceramic coffee cup filled with chocolate and books?  Would that top the list of best things delivered?

For challenge number six, tell me the best thing you ever received in the mail (and I’m talking snail mail, people): be it an acceptance letter, a giant stuffed elephant sent from a particularly Republican boyfriend, a renewed passport days before your trip to China, whatever, just send me the details.  You know the drill–send the answer to susanrebeccawhite@gmail.com and you will receive one lottery ticket for the May 3rd drawing.

Alternate challenge: If nothing has ever come for you in the mail besides bills and junk, don’t despair.  There’s another way to win a ticket.  Simply recommend my book to someone.  Email me the name of the person you recommended it to, and you will receive another ticket.  And if you want to take both challenge options, that’s cool, too.  I’ll give you two tickets.

And don’t forget: srw_104 (the postman always rings twice.)


2 Responses to Brownie challenge # 6

  1. Anonymous May 4, 2009 at 8:35 pm #

    best thing I got in the mail

    The BEST thing BY FAR I’ve EVER received in the mail came when I was 6 years old. I had written a fan letter to Rita Moreno from The Electric Company. I was a junkie for that show and was just enamored with her. I remember writing it and I guess my mom or dad sent it off. I think I forgot about it. And one day I was coming down the stairs and my mom handed me a big brown envelope and was all excited saying it looked like I’d gotten something really great in the mail.
    I opened it up and lo and behold, it was an autographed 8×10 gorgeous black-and-white photo of Rita Moreno and she had written, “Dear Melanie, I love you too. Hey you guuuuuys!” (I guess I must have written “I love you” in my letter. How cute is that?!?!)
    Anyway, I could not stop smiling all day. I still covet that photo and I still LOVE her. That photo is one of my favorite things. :)

    • installer May 5, 2009 at 2:22 am #

      Re: best thing I got in the mail

      I love it. And I remember Rita from the Electric Company!!