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“A Deep Thought” by Susan Rebecca White | Susan Rebecca White

“A Deep Thought” by Susan Rebecca White

Yesterday I started seeing a small black dot, just a few feet in front of me, all of the time.

At first I thought it was a piece of lint, or a bug.  But I would swipe at it, and it was like swiping at a ghost.  Nothing there. I posted about it on facebook and was told by my dear supportive friends that I might have cancer or a detached retina.  So I made an appoinment with an eye doctor. 

Anyhoo, today the eye doc told me that my eyes are completely fine (good, even!), but that the back of the right one has deflated a bit, like air going out of a tire, and in the air’s place a little bit of embryonic fluid, leftover from my uterous days, has seeped in.  And that fluid is casting a shadow on my eye, hence the black dot.

This means that embryonic fluid has been hanging out behind my eye since before my eye was even formed. 

How totally, utterly trippy.  It is as if my pre-self is showing me a little picture of what it was like to be a non being. Just a little black dot.


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