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3 Things, January 6, 2009 | Susan Rebecca White

3 Things, January 6, 2009

1. Reading Julia Reed’s Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties and –honest to Gawd–salivating at the descriptions of party foods she serves.  Hot buttered Marshall’s biscuits with slices of country ham, pimento cheese sandwiches cut into long rectangles, rare beef tenderloin with yeast rolls and horseradish sauce.  Made me so hungry I melted some chocolate chips and dipped two pieces of shortbread into the molten goo.  But that didn’t really satisfy, because she was describing savory food and I ate sweet.  So then I had to eat some extra sharp cheddar cheese.  And that stopped the drooling.

2. Sitting here at the computer, just a minute ago, when I heard something loud and threatening outside the window.  I’m pretty sure it was a truck backing up on Moreland Ave., but who knows?  There have been bullets outside our window before.  (Sadly, I am not being hyperbolic.) Anyway, Raney, who was sleeping upstairs, came padding down the stairs just to check things out and make sure I was ok.  And now she is sitting, very illegally, on the sofa, and I am letting her, with no regrets, because she is my good and noble dog and she makes me feel safe.


3. Receiving a message today from Frank, owner of A Cappella books, saying he finally got a chance to read Bound South and he really likes it and wants to interview me on his radio show.  Hoorah!

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