3 Things, December 25, 2008

  1. Spending Christmas Eve overdosing on sugar with my cute-as-buttons niece & nephew, Ellen and AJ.
  2. Receiving a gorgeous book of portraits of southern authors from Alan.
  3. Going to Christmas brunch at the lovely Sarah & Lisa’s house and eating “cowboy casserole,” which is made with Texas toast soaked in milk and eggs, along with lots of butter, cheese and sausage.
  4. Seeing the movie Marley & Me and realizing that Raney is a really great dog.
  5. Wondering if my comfy Christmas experience, while wonderful and highly pleasurable, is perhaps too disconnected from the radical and deeply uncomfortable message that the birthday boy preached.


p.s. um, this is not the *actual* image of the cowboy casserole i ate.  it’s just one i found on the web. it’s kind of like those craigslist ads for NY apartments for rent: the image is similar to other egg & cheese casseroles in the building.

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