3 Things, December 18–though I’m posting on the 19th.

  1. The fat that the antfestation drove me out of my kitchen isn’t really a good thing, but it was delightful that I could drive five miles to my mama’s house and bake Christmas goodies from there.  Her kitchen is the one I grew up in, and most of the pots and pans are the same ones she had when I was a little girl.  Strange to step back in time, except I wasn’t really stepping back in time, because I was also drinking a glass of wine while I cooked.  (Which, you know, I didn’t do at age three.  But at that age I could–according to my mom–successfully crack an egg…)
  2. Having one of my very favorite people, Kasey, stop by while I cooked.  Kasey has been living in San Francisco, but is moving to NY in January. I am beyond excited for her, and admittedly a little jealous.  I’ve always wanted to live in NY, but it’s never happened.  (And while I’m on the nostalgia bandwagon, I should add, it’s been almost nine years ago since Kasey and I packed up the house we’d been renting in Candler Park, loaded up the car, and drove to San Francisco, where we both ended up staying a lot longer than we intended.)
  3. Checking my email late last night and finding out I’ve been invited to participate in the South Carolina book festival.
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