3 Things, December 12, 2008

  1. Taking a hot shower followed by a long, peaceful afternoon nap after a night of not sleeping because of book anxieties.  (Anxieties about the upcoming publication of book #1 and the writing of book # 2.)
  2. Coming to a realization that home ownership is not the end all be all of human existence, and applying that realization to a scene in book # 2.
  3. Sitting outside La Fonda Latina, sipping a cafe con leche, wearing only a long sleeve shirt and thin scarf, because even though it’s technically winter, today felt like spring in the ATL.

Okay, so it’s only supposed to be 3 things, but can I give a big Sarah Palin-style shout-out to the folks over at cuteoverload.com?  Here is my favorite cute overload pic of the day:



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