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Susan Rebecca White

I am happy to report that the readers of this blog are uniters and not dividers.  Most have voted that I re-name the brownies “Lauren and Ruth’s famous brownies
.” One savvy reader commented, “When magical ideas land there is no such thing as ownership.”

Take that, Bill Gates.

I’m leaning toward the hyphenated name, but am continuing to accept votes for the official brownie name until May 3, the final day of the contest. So get your friends to accept challenge number two and send in their votes.  (And if you are just visiting this blog, please see the last two posts for all of the details.)

In the mean time, Lauren has challenged me to a brownie blind taste test.  She will send me a brownie, which I will eat, blindfolded, along with one of my mom’s brownies.  And if I like her brownie best, she says I have to eat a shoe.

I say I will just keep eating her brownie.

How, might you ask, did I respond to this challenge? I said yes, Lauren, yes, yes yes! I accept!  After you finish working on the next challenge for your fantastically ducky contest, send me a brownie  Stat.  I might not take Zell Miller up on his challenge of a duel, but I will take you up on the great brownie smack down.

But first, we have challenge number three to contend with.

When I was growing up, my mom often served breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights.  This usually meant that she (soft) scrambled eggs, made buttered toast, and had my dad microwave some bacon.  (That’s right.  They microwaved bacon.  It works, too, though I prefer cooking it in a cast iron skillet.)  I remember those breakfast dinners as some of my favorites, in part because there is nothing I like better than to eat softly, softly scrambled eggs with buttered toast and bacon. But also because of the fun of eating breakfast foods at night.

My dear friend Katharine’s mom used to sometimes make tuna fish salad and French toast for dinner–and to Katharine, it was the ultimate in comfort food.

What does such elegiac musing have to do with challenge number three?  Well dear readers, I am building up to the challenge:  Email me (at susanrebeccawhite@gmail.com) a description of the most unorthodox dinner that your mom (or dad, or auntie, or caregiver) used to fix for you when you were a child. (And by unorthodox I mean unconventional, not that it contained pork, cheese and shrimp.)

Not only does it need to be non-standard dining fare, but it needs to be something you really liked, like Katharine’s tuna fish and French toast, or Elvis’s peanut butter, banana, bacon and mayo sandwiches.  (Which frankly, sound kind of good to me.)

Email your answer to me and you will win another lottery ticket.  And don’t forget to include your name in the email.  And don’t worry if you’ve already taken challenge number one or two, you are eligible to take EVERY challenge.

Now I’m off to buy some eggs to scramble for dinner.

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  1. Anonymous April 28, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    Sounds interesting. My mom never makes intereasting stuff. :(
    I can’t wait to get my Barnes and nobles gift card and pick up south bound!
    -Arnelle Etienne aka Nelly Stevens